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  • More than 260 employees
  • Factory area 60000 square meters


The company was founded


Years of Struggle
About us 42 glorious years, a new starting point for dreams

  Tongda Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and is a member unit of the China Light Industry Machinery Association and the China Plastics Processing Industry Association. It is a large-scale plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer in China.
  The 42 year struggle of Tongda Plastics Machinery is a 42 year process of technological innovation. Starting from the entrepreneurship of the three founders, innovation and problem-solving have accompanied Tongda···

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Independent research and development with excellent equipment

Cultivate independent research and development capabilities, expand industry development potential, and lead industry technology trends.

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No matter what requirements, they can be met.
We have found a solution.

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Processing equipment - world-class

Introducing world-class equipment to improve the manufacturing industry and ensure product precision and reliability.

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